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In the world of dance, every costume tells a tale, every leotard carries a legacy, and Tutulist is the stage where these stories find their encore. Born from the vision of Sara Judd—a former ballet dancer with a flair for finance and technology—Tutulist is the crescendo of tradition meeting innovation..

The origin of Tutulist is as poignant as the ballets performed on the grand stages. It was Sara's grandmother, a figure both formidable and tender, who inspired this journey. A lifetime of pirouettes and pas de deux had amassed a treasure trove of dancewear, each piece resonant with memories. In the quiet aftermath of her grandmother's ballet studio's closure, Sara stood amidst a legacy woven in fabric and sequins. There, amidst the dancewear, lay potential; thus, the idea of Tutulist took its first breath.

In the transformative year of 2022, amidst a world adapting to new rhythms, Sara decided it was time to give these silent costumes a voice. Tutulist was relaunched with a clear vision: to create a global marketplace that would not only give pre-loved dancewear a second chance but also support the dance community's move towards sustainability.

Powered by the robust framework of Sharetribe, Tutulist is a testament to what technology can do when it dances to the tune of environmental consciousness. The platform is a sophisticated marketplace tailored for dancers by a dancer, understanding the nuances of both the art and the artist.

The Tutulist Experience: An Ode to the Dance Community

At Tutulist, we believe in an elegant, user-friendly shopping experience that mirrors the grace of ballet itself:

  • Sophisticated Shopping Cart: With our intuitive 'Add to Cart' system, dancers can effortlessly gather their needs in a single basket, ensuring they never miss a beat.
  • Multi-Vendor Checkout: With our intuitive 'Add to Cart' system, dancers can effortlessly gather their needs in a single basket, ensuring they never miss a beat.

  • A Curated Inventory: Tutulist boasts an extensive collection of dancewear. From the snug fit of leotards to the essential warm-up apparel, from the timeless elegance of costumes to the steadfast support of dance shoes, our inventory is as diverse as the dance forms they grace.
  • Varied Payment Options: Transactions are smooth and secure with payment processors like Stripe, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and the innovative Stripe's Link, offering convenience and choice.

  • E-Wallet Flow for Sellers: In the spirit of a community, our e-wallet feature allows U.S. sellers to list items without immediate payout. This empowers them to contribute to the marketplace, with the assurance of a secure and quick withdrawal post their first sale.
  • Integrated Inbox: Communication is key in dance, and it is no different on Tutulist. Our inbox feature provides a direct line between buyer and seller, ensuring every transaction is as clear and concise as a well-executed count.

• The Offers Flow: In a move that echoes the negotiation of choreography, buyers can suggest offer prices, making dancewear more accessible and fostering a spirit of community and support.

Encore for Sustainability: Tutulist's Vision
The stage of Tutulist is more than a marketplace; it's a movement. With over 10,000 dancewear items already having found new homes, we are steadfast in our mission—#dancersfortheplanet. Every transaction is a step towards a more sustainable future, reducing waste and extending the life of quality dancewear.Join us at Tutulist, where every purchase is a partnership in our pledge for sustainability. It's here that the past performances of a ballet slipper, the whispered stories of a tutu, and the silent songs of satin shoes continue their dance into the future.

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